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Dead Sea Bath
35.000 JD
Oud and Amber Bath
45.000 JD
Moroccan Bath
55.000 JD
Luxury Bath
80.000 JD
Bridal Bath
120.000 JD
Groom Bath
120.000 JD
Swedish Massage
55.000 JD
Relaxing Massage
60.000 JD


Deniz Blue Bath & Spa is Jordan’s first boutique Day spa catering to both men and women. Conveniently located in the heart of Amman, Deniz offers you tranquil treatments that enable you to de-stress, refresh and reinvigorate your body and mind. At Deniz, you will experience luxury and indulgence as you enter a haven of sensory experiences delivered by highly skilled experts and designed to meet your satisfaction.

Mecca Street, Amman, Jordan


+962 580 2999

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